About Us

SaveAqua is a family-owned business located in Calgary, Alberta. As a family that enjoys the outdoors, many camping trips and field tests have inspired the design of our product. 

Testing on all products is done regularly at both campsites with onsite water sources and places that lack water infrastructure.

Our goal is to provide portable water taps to increase water use efficiency for sanitation in locations where water infrastructure is scarce.

Why SaveAqua?

Every “emergency kit” lists water (for drinking and sanitation) as their #1 item.

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The importance of proper hygiene cannot be understated. According to www.webmd.com diarrhea is the second most common illness in America today.

Medical conditions such as diarrhea, the common flu, and parasites can seriously jeopardize your health and make your immune system more susceptible to other diseases. These medical conditions will also affect your ability to perform daily tasks. However, they can be easily prevented by following basic hygiene rules. 

More serious medical conditions, such as ebola, can be contracted and quickly spread without proper hand sanitation and hygiene. In addition, treating any disease is costly and time-consuming; therefore, it is essential to prevent its spread by providing people with sources of hygiene.

In Case of Emergencies, Clean Water is Essential

During emergencies, access to clean water is often limited. Water contamination and distance to clean water sources are the main difficulties. In addition, water purification is costly and usually takes time without a constant energy source.

Chemicals, like disinfectant gels and wipes, are an option for sanitization. However, they only kill part of the germs and do not wash the dirt, blood, food residues etc., off your hands.
Only clean water and soap can provide long-lasting and proper protection against diseases related to poor hygiene. Developing the means to produce, find, and conserve clean water will be one of the most important tasks in any emergency and for long-term survival.

The importance of conservation and having access to clean water led us to the development of a portable water tap.
The main features of the portable water tap allow for the following:
1. Operation without electricity or pressurized water infrastructure.
2. Conservation of water. Our tap is 40 to 60% more efficient than any existing tap.
3. Durability.
4. Simplicity: Allows anyone, even people without any technical skills, to create a hand
washing station using virtually any container which can hold water and using only basic tools to do so.
5. Being light and compact.
6. Simple and convenient to use.
7. Ensures minimum cross-contamination of the tap when using it. You don’t need
to open anything with dirty hands or close it with clean hands.
8. Wide variety of functionality, including drinking water dispensing, washing
hands and dishes, showering, and using water instead of toilet paper.